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Fabulous review from award-winning beauty blooger.




Last week, award winning beauty blogger Sharon, , tried and tested my gorgeous skincare collection.

The results are now in and let’s just say . . . that she loved it!

Here's what she had to say:

"A very affordable, easy to use, results driven skincare collection suitable for all ages but showing great results on 30+."


"My skin has remained hydrated, fresh and plump looking the whole time I have been using it."


"I have also noticed a lovely glow and my make-up sits beautifully on top."


"I think this range is lovely for anyone that wants an easy to use, step by step range that cleans and hydrates their skin in a flash, no matter how busy they are. I am looking forward to seeing what else Michelle Collins comes up with! Congratulations Michelle!"


The whole Pellum Vero team are delighted with Sharon’s fair and honest review of our lovely little collection. Thank you Sharon, we think you are fabulous!

Read Sharon’s full blog here

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