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My mother always told me about the benefits of looking after my skin from a very young age. I couldn't afford expensive products as a young girl, however, when I became a professional actress, I was able to buy all the wonderful skincare products on the market.

I have used so many products over the years, some expensive, mid-range and cheap brands and like a lot of women I have been taken in by fads about why the newest thing is great, why this cream is better than that etc. I have now realised that just because a skincare product is expensive it doesn't mean to say it's going to be any good.

As an actress I know that it's very important to look after your skin as you are constantly applying and removing makeup, even more so now with HD having taken over our television screens. HD is unforgiving and you are constantly being judged. So taking time to look after your appearance is imperative.


Launching my own skincare range has always been a secret ambition of mine so a chance meeting with a product developer who worked at a company called Croda, was serendipitous. He introduced me to one of their top chemists. We started to talk and she said she’d like to work with me to create my very own skincare range. Naturally I got very excited indeed. We discussed what I liked, disliked, loved, hated and what my favourite ingredients were and what I actually needed on my skin. It took a while to get right but we finally came up with a range that is now called Pellum Vero®.

I don't think I have ever found the perfect products for my own skin, so when the chance came along to create my own skincare range I jumped at it. I have been asked on numerous occasions over the years to endorse products and have been sent many to try; some fantastic and some pretty awful. However I never wanted to endorse or be part of something that I couldn't help create myself. If I had to really believe in something and actually want to use it myself, truth is vital.

I have always been a pretty healthy woman. I try to eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly and believe in moderation in every way. I also believe beauty comes from the inside and out.

That is why I called the company M C SKIN TRUTH®. When you feel good about whom you are it radiates out of you in a healthy glow.


PELLUM VERO® from M C Skin Truth® is a five-step beauty regime which contains active ingredients and is suitable for everybody.

The range is versatile and works well for all skin ages – particularity 30+. Even my 19 year old daughter Maia loves them.

I looked around and did lots of research on what women were looking for from their skincare products, unanimously; the answers were quality ingredients and affordability.

That is why we developed these mid-range priced but high end formulae products.

I chose to fragrance my range with Green Tea as its qualities are valued around the world, and to be honest, I love the scent!

All the ingredients in my skincare range help replace elements of the skin that we lose as we age: they help restore the skins elasticity and contain preventative qualities.

I love that my products are now available at

PELLUM VERO® is an affordable beauty regime suitable for anyone who believes in looking after their skin.

I wanted a simple and pure skincare range. No gimmicks, just pure and honest with maybe just a little touch of glamour!

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Pellum Vero Collection
These five products, fragranced with Green Tea, have been created to work in harmony. The actives in..
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