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Sunday, Jan 1, 2017 / Post byMichelle Collins / 0 comment(s)

Press launch of my new skincare range, Pellum Vero.

It was such a pleasure chatting to a host of seasoned journalists at the recent press launch of my new skincare range, Pellum Vero. I'm so excited to share the interviews with you - not just about skincare but about humous and life too. And the unlikeliness of Cindy Beales resurrection......

We were lucky to be in the super trendy surroundings of the Hospital Club in London's Covent Garden. A shout out and kudos to my ace PR Gaby Jerrard - an event smoothly orchestrated by Gaby and her unflappable team. A big thank you.

And thank you too, to the beauty aces at Seduire - my favoured Soho beauty salon - who were on hand to administer and showcase my products.


Thank you to everyone for making the day a silky smooth pleasure, it went like a dream.

Here some of the lovely things the press said: 

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